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Control Panels

LCOS supports a primary physical control panel attached to your MASTER node, plus secondary panels attaches to CLIENT nodes. You will need enough DNIN8 Digital Input boards, and DNOU8 Digital Output boards, to provide the I/O ports you will need for buttons, switches, indicators and relays.

duinoNodes are stackable and chainable, allowing you to put ports where needed and limit the amount of wiring you have to do. Done correctly, you can bring up your panel(s) one section at a time without disturbing previous work; and future changes are easy compared to a traditionally wired panel.

See LDG duinoNodes for more information about these devices.

Control Panel Indicators

Physical input devices are configured in a single place (see Control Objects), but indicators are configured with the object they are associated with. Since the primary purpose of output ports is different on the MASTER than on a CLIENT, there are differences in how you associate the objects.

For creating block and turnout indicators on your MASTER control panel, see:

On a client, Control Objects can be linked to blocks and turnouts, allowing either to function as a switch for other other layout objects. See

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