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DCC Gateway Available

We are delighted to announce that the DNDCC DCC Gateway Node is now available!

DNDCC is a specialized Client Node that connects to your DCC rail bus and functions like multiple stationary decoders. One DNDCC board running LCOS DCC Gateway firmware can simultaneously emulate multiple stationary decoders, supplying a DCC address for every turnout (in the future, other object types as well) on your layout. With a DNDCC added to your Lew’s Duino Gear Layout Control system, you can set turnouts and routes with your DCC throttle.

The DNDCC DCC Gateway is the most cost effective DCC stationary decoder ever devised, with one $39.95 device replacing up to 2044 stationary decoders costing $25 – $150 each. Even accounting for the cost of the underlying LCOS hardware on your layout — which includes intelligence and functionality not found in DCC decoders — LCOS now delivers DCC turnout control for as little as $5 per turnout. No single or multi-port DCC stationary decoder on the market comes close to that kind of pricing!

We have expanded the Lew’s Duino Gear line to include a new kit – the LCOS DCC Layout Starter Kit. For a small layout with up to 8 turnouts, this kit is a complete, DCC ready layout control solution. For a bigger layout, its a good beginning point for creating your layout control system.

This is model railroad control as it was always meant to be. Inexpensive, responsive, and easy to incorporate into railroad empires of any size.