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We offer publishing consulting, book packaging and production services. Want to publish and do it all yourself. . . only you have a lot of questions? We have the expertise to assist you in making all your key decisions and best business practices for today┬ľand preparing for the publishing world of the future.

From editing to interior and exterior design; from marketing advice to book design to print brokering; whether you're a first-time publisher or an experienced professional looking to out-source, Beagle Bay can help you publish a quality book. Many of our projects have won national awards.

"Probably another company could have done a book, but no other company would have provided me with so much assistance and guidance...[that] has led to increased book sales as well."

If you are a new self-publisher, or thinking about self-publishing, you'll want to check out our online Self-Publisher's FAQ for loads of tips, ideas, do's and don'ts to get you started on your way!

The Self Publisher's FAQ

Need more in-depth answers? Need to drill down into the harder facets of publishing? The Self Publisher's FAQ book is available now. The ebook is coming soon!


We love publishing! How may we help you make your publishing dream come true!


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