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Book Shepherding

A Book Shepherd is a term coined by Dan Poynter (author of The Self-Publishing Manual) to consolidate terms such as "book coach," "publishing consultant," and many others. This professional oversees a client's entire project from manuscript to printing (and possibly on to distribution).

Book shepherds typically help with three different types of book publishers:

  1. New publishers with their first projects;
  2. Established publishers who are trying to define and build their business and improve the performance of new titles; and
  3. Incidental publishers—that is, people who want to create a book that is ancillary to another business activity where their real expertise lies (professional speakers and business management experts frequently fall into this category).

Jacqueline Church Simonds has been a book professional for thirteen years, and in that time has assisted in the publication of over thirty books. She offers clients a broad perspective on what works—and what does not—in the book industry. She knows that a great idea is not enough to make a book successful.

As your project proceeds, she will help you:

  • Develop the best plan to reach your overall goals;
  • Determine the best "package" in which to place your book (hardcover, paperback, e-book, booklets, articles - or all of the above);
  • Make decisions about product design so that you book has a fully professional look and feel;
  • Determine how best to produce the book (offset or digital printing, which e-book platforms to use, etc.);
  • Develop an action plan to reach your audience in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

Jacqueline doesn't offer cookie-cutter solutions, advice, book packages or marketing plans. Each project and each author/publisher has a different set of needs and goals. Only the client can decide how much money, time and effort to put into his or her book.

Contact Us for a free 15 minute consultation appointment with Jaqueline to see if we can help you realize your publishing dreams!



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