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About Beagle Bay, Inc.

Beagle Bay, Inc. is a publishing services company based in Reno, Nevada. The company offers authors who aspire to self-publish, people who wish to start a new press and established presses, consulting and production assistance to create the most professional books possible.

President, Secretary and Chief Barking Officer

Beagle Bay was founded byJacqueline and Robin Simonds. Their first title was Jacqueline's historical adventure novel, Captain Mary, Buccaneer, loosely based on the real pirate women Anne Bonny and Mary Read. The Simonds learned so much and enjoyed publishing to such an extent that they decided to make it a full-time business. For 10 years, they operated a book distribution business, but closed this in 2013. Since their start, the Simonds have been involved in over 36 projects, including both Beagle Bay publications and consulting with other publishers on individual publications and long term company development. Many of the books they worked on won national awards and have been published in many countries around the world, including Germany, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

Their very barky beagle, Bertie, was their not-too-silent partner and inspiration for the name Beagle Bay. Bertie passed away in 2009. He was succeeded by Lewis, a rescue beagle.


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