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Fast Clock Server

The Fast Clock Server is an optional LCOS component that creates and maintains a variable ratio fast clock to drive layout activity and operating sessions.

The Fast Clock Tool

To invoke the Fast Clock Tool, navigate to the MASTER and click the Fast Clock Button . Initially, the tool will look like this:

Fast Clock Server tool default state.

The tool configures both Fast Clock parameters and the standard time zones for the layout.

Fast Clock Options

  • Fast Clock Ratio: Use this slider to select a layout time to real time ratio. You can select a value from 2:1 to 12:1. At 12:1, an entire 24 hour period is compressed into two real hours.
  • Time Pulse: This slider governs the frequency of time messages, in Fast Clock minutes. Most users should leave the default setting of one time pulse every FC minute.
  • Start Hour and Start Minute: Use these sliders to set the default Layout Time when the server starts up.
  • Enable Fast Clock Server: Check this box to enable the server.
  • Startup Options: Automatic starts or restarts the fast clock server at the default starting Layout Time upon MASTER boot. Manual requires you to configure a button or switch on your control panel to start, pause or stop the Fast Clock Server.

Here is a configuration example, enabling the Fast Clock to auto start at 5:30 am with a ratio of 5:1 –

Time Zone Boundaries

Time Zones (see About Layout Time for an explanation of Time Zones) are defined by setting the boundaries, between periods. Time Zone boundaries are set in whole hours only. Changes here are automatically propagated throughout the LCOS network.

Save your configuration by clicking the Update Fast Clock button.

To complete the change, the node must rebooted. On the Main Window, click reboot button to reboot and load the new configuration.

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Updated: 9.19.21