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The DNDCC board is a specialized Client Node for integrating LCOS into a DCC layout, replacing up to 2044 expensive individual stationary decoders.

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The DNDCC board is a specialized Client Node for integrating LCOS equipment into a DCC layout. This easy to use, inexpensive device replaces up to 2044 stationary decoders costing $15 to $100 per addressable port!

The DNDCC Client attaches to your DCC rail bus and allows you to control all of your turnouts and routes from your throttle. The DCC gateway firmware is easy to configure, allowing you to define a block of DCC accessory addresses for your turnouts and routes. The firmware supports all 2044 DCC accessory addresses, and can assign an address to any object on your LCOS layout. If you have a DCC layout, you will want this board to connect your LCOS objects to your DCC system.

  • Point and click GUI configuration with no CV’s, no dip switches, buttons or mystery LED patterns..
  • Assigns DCC addresses to all of your turnouts and routes, up to 2044 addressable objects.
  • Grow your layout and add turnouts with no additional decoder costs.
  • Manage and change your systems easily with Lew’s Duino Gear configuration tools.
  • Coexists easily with existing stationary decoders in a mixed technology layout.
  • For usage information, see DCC Gateway in the LCOS Manual.

Cheaper and more powerful than any other stationary decoder system on the market today. LCOS gear with the DNDCC board is layout control as it was always meant to be.


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