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Initializing Clients

New clients come preset to the configuration channel — channel 75 — and to node ID 05. In order to add clients to your network, you must initialize them one at a time. Never have more than one unconfigured node active at any one time or it will be impossible to configure them.

Initializing requires setting the channel to the chosen layout channel, and assigning a unique node ID. You can work with other settings at your convenience once the node is initialized.

On the Communications Manager window click scan lcos network button to scan for active nodes. If a new node on the configuration channel is detected, it will be at the top of the active node list when the scan is complete. Select the node and click connect button to connect to the unconfigured Client Node and initiate a data load.

Assigning a Node ID

You need to decide on an address — the node ID — for an unconfigured Client node. If you are not familiar with LCOS network addressing, please read A Guide to the Layout Control Operating System and parts 2 & 3 of the Layout Planning Guide.

You should have an addressing plan at this point. But if you do not, start with one unconfigured client and give it node ID 01. Then do up to 4 more at the next sequential addresses: 02, 03, 04 and 05. For many layouts that is all you will need.

Bigger layouts require planning. Even so, you don’t have to do everything at once. Feel free to start with one Client, then expand at your own pace.

Configuring A Client

On the Main Window, click to invoke the Network Settings tool.

A new Client will start with these default Network Settings

Set the Radio Channel to your layout channel, then set the node ID. Click update button to save the settings. The Client will reboot with the new settings, and the Configurator will reconnect to the Parent of the Client.

If the parent is not the MASTER, navigate all the way back and load the MASTER Node . In the Communications Manager window, click scan lcos network button again to update the active nodes list. The Client Node you just configured should be found at its new address on the layout channel.

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