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Safety Precautions

Lew’s Duino Gear products are low power devices that, when deployed safely, will add to the enjoyment of your model railroad layout.

Adult Use Only #

Lew’s Duino Gear products are serious automation devices intended for adult use only. Children under the age of 14 should be supervised at all times when using these products.

Electrical Device Precautions #

Lew’s Duino Gear products are low voltage, low current devices, but there is a risk of fire or personal injury if handled improperly.

Follow these basic but very important safety rules:

  • These products are designed for use in dry environments. DO NOT expose these devices to water or use them in wet environments.
  • Use only with CE or UL approved power supplies, in good working order and properly grounded, rated for 20% more than the maximum current you expect your layout devices to draw. DO NOT USE homemade, damaged or open frame power supplies. See Power Supplies, Generally and Computer Power Supplies.
  • Your entire system should be Earth grounded, usually through a grounded AC connection to your power supply. If your AC ground is faulty or you are using ungrounded wall warts, connect your layout ground to another Earth ground source such as a copper or galvanized water pipe.
  • Lew’s Duino Gear electronics products are static sensitive devices. Be sure to ground yourself before handling LDG devices or any other bare board electronics product. In high static areas, use a grounding strap attached to your arm or wrist to maintain a continuous ground drain.
  • Fasten boards securely to your layout. Avoid mounting boards on flammable materials (solid wood is OK; do not mount on or in paper or flammable fibers) or in the proximity of flammable solvents and fuels. The best practice is to mount boards using short, non-conductive standoffs (board mounting holes are 3mm diameter) attached to the layout whenever possible to ensure adequate air flow.
  • Power connections are polarized, so connecting wires correctly is critical. Some boards have protective diodes but can still be damaged by reversed power connections.
  • Using the correct wire gauge for connecting the boards: DC power feeders should be 14 – 18 awg, depending the current requirement; signal lines should be 18 – 22 awg. Secure all wires in device terminals, making sure the wires are inside the “cage” of the terminal before tightening it down.

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