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Layout Time

Layout time is integral to the advanced functions of LCOS. The MASTER includes a Fast Clock Server that periodically broadcasts time messages that layout objects can respond to.

Layout time functions are optional, and should be configured after all other layout objects have been configured. Time functions are easily enabled when you are ready to add that functionality to your layout.

Time Format #

Layout time is in 24 hour format. Time server settings determine the fast clock ratio (number of fast clock minutes per real time minute), the default time upon startup and the frequency of time messages.

You can create custom clock nodes to display Layout Time around your layout using LCOS Clock Driver kit (free to purchasers of any LCOS product).

Day Zones #

LCOS divides the 24 hour day into 7 “day zones” — standard segments of a standard day: dawn, morning, midday, afternoon, sundown, evening, and night. Day zones work with Scene Objects to facilitate layout changes that replicate the passage of time. You can even use day zones as the basis for setting layout room lighting (with appropriate equipment and a custom lighting system)!

Time Triggers #

Time Triggers are control objects that can trigger other objects or actions at a specific layout time. Available on Client nodes, time triggers are intended to be used alongside time zone settings to animate your layout as fast clock time progresses.

Enabling Time Functions #

To enable time functions, connect to the MASTER and configure the Fast Clock Server. Then configure Time Zone Settings and Time Triggers on CLIENTS and/or attach custom clock nodes to your layout.

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