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Layout Control Bus

The Layout Control Bus (LCB) supplies all the power used by Lew’s Duino Gear devices, peripherals, most layout devices and layout lighting. Run your LCB around the layout along with your DC or DCC track bus.

The general power requirements for the Lew’s Duino Gear Layout Control System are:

  • +12 volts DC to power LCNs and 12v layout devices/lighting
  • +5 volts DC to power accessory boards, servos and lighting
  • +5v TTL standard; duinoNodes are +3.3v TTL compatible
  • Master Common Ground
You can run your Layout Control Bus next to your main track power bus. This layout uses Green and Purple for DCC, Yellow +12v DC, Red +5v DC and Black common ground. This LCB includes an additional +3.3v circuit (Blue). We like barrier strips every few feet for basic connections.

The LCB should be a 3 or 4 wire bus running from end to end, using 14 or 16 AWG wire. Place terminal blocks every 4 feet or so as primary connection points to the LCB.

UPDATED: 1/18/23

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