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Installing the Apps

The LCOS desktop apps are delivered as a “zip” file named The software package is free to purchasers of any LCOS Node or Starter kit, and will be available in the download section of your account page after your purchase has completed. After downloading the file, unzip it to a convenient location.

For the purposes of this guide, let’s assume you have created a directory on your main hard drive c:\Apps, and have saved “LCOS” to that directory. Now unzip the application files.

After unzipping the package, the Apps folder now contains two directories: LCOS_Configurator and LCOS Update.

The Updater #

The first thing you should do with new nodes is run the Updater to make sure you have the latest firmware installed. To run the Updater, open the LCOS Update folder, and run lcos_updater.jar.

You must have the latest version of Java installed on your computer in order to run this app.

The Configurator #

Navigate to the LCOS_Configurator folder. Inside the folder you will find two application folders: application.windows32 and application.windows64.

Open the folder for the version you wish to use — in this example we are selecting the 64 bit version — and run LCOS_Configuration.exe.

Version Note #

Version 1.x of the Configurator includes a 64-bit version of java that the 64 bit application will use regardless of what version of Java you have on your computer. Version 2.x and following will not include a version of Java in the package, and will rely on the version installed on your computer.

The 32-bit version of the Configurator 1.x does not include a copy of Java and will rely on the Java installed on your computer.

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