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Control Methods

If you have followed the suggestions of the Layout Planning Guide, you probably have a complete plan and construction is probably under way. How are you going to control the objects your layout?

Hardware Control Panels #

Hardware control panels using buttons, switches and LED indicators are easy to create. Use DNIN8 ports for your buttons and switches, and DNOU8 ports for indicators. The MASTER is intended to be used to run your main control panel.

DCC Control #

Your turnouts can be controlled from your DCC throttle. To do that you will need to add a DNDCC DCC Interface Client to your layout.

The DNDCC is a specialized LCOS Client Node with a hardware interface for connecting to your DCC track bus. When you setup your layout with a DNDCC node, you can designate a block of DCC addresses, anywhere in the extended accessory address range, for your LCOS turnouts. You can then assign each address to any turnout or route on your layout.

This control method allows your to mix LCOS turnouts with DCC stationary decoder turnouts, controlling both from your throttle.

Automation #

LCOS includes automated features that make it easier to setup and run your LCOS devices. For example, nearly any device on your layout can be turned on or off by the Fast Clock. Some objects can be linked to block occupancy. LCOS provides many opportunities to automate layout lighting and objects.

For information about configuration and automation, see The LCOS Manual.

Virtual Controls #

Want WiFi and/or web control? The LCOS Integration Kit is available to registered users who want to create a custom node for a virtual control system or other need. Contact us for more information.

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