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Configurator App

The Configurator App allows you to setup, configure and maintain your LDG LCOS installation. You will connect to your MASTER Node via a USB cable, and from there connect to the Client Nodes on your layout across the layout radio network.

Version 1.X of the app is distributed as an executable file, as shown below. Version 2.0 and beyond will be distributed as Java jar files.

Navigate to the LCOS Configuration folder you installed earlier, and open the LCOS_Configurator folder

Inside you will find two application folders: application.windows32 (for 32 bit versions of Windows) and application.windows64 (for 64-bit versions of Windows). Open the folder for the version you wish to use and run LCOS_Configuration.exe. In this example, we will select the 64-bit version of the application.

The Configurator will open two windows, the Communications Manager and the Main Window. If you do not have a MASTER node connected by USB, the application will start up in wait mode:

The Configurator Main Window and Communication Manager Window

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