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LDG duinoNodes Now Supported in DCC-EX

We are pleased to announce that LDG duinoNodes are now officially supported I/O extender hardware for DCC-EX, the open source system for DCC solutions plus much more. Plug and play support is included in new versions of DCC-EX products without needing additional hardware drivers.

Lew’s Duino Gear duinoNodes are easy-to-use boards that extend input and output functionality of Arduino and compatible microprocessors (for example: ESP series WiFi microcontrollers) . Designed by and for model railroad hobbyists, LDG duinoNodes simplify the process of wiring and controlling inputs, such as buttons and switches, and outputs such as control panel indicators, relays, turnouts, layout lighting and lighting effects.

From now through January 31, 2023, we are offering 20% off of our duinoNode products. Stock up today!

DNIN8 Input duinoNode
DNOU8 Digital Output duinoNode