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A book remains the most durable way to share your vision and perspective with others. Whether your legacy is business acumen, scientific exploration, artistic discovery, your life story, or the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime, a book can preserve and present your legacy for generations to come.

Perhaps your book is intended for a small, private audience of family, friends or associates. Perhaps your book has commercial potential and represents the start of a new phase of your life and career. In either case, if you are not in the business of producing and publishing books, you will need help preparing your book for publication, producing a finished product and, if a commercial project, distributing and marketing your product.

"As a new writer, I was at a loss about how to get started producing my first book. I found Beagle Bay after floundering for a while, and they were a huge help with organizing, prioritizing, and editing my book, and guiding me through all the mysterious steps of the creative and publishing world. I'm on to my next book now, and you can be sure I'll ask Jacqueline and Robin to shepherd me through this one, too."—Wayne Stewart, retired former executive with Texas Instruments and Schneider Electric


Mark Twain would agree that reports of the death of the book are "an exaggeration," especially for memoirs and family geneologies.

Many of our private publication clients are publishing a memoir, directed mostly at their children and subsequent generations. Some of our memoir clients opt for a simple presentation: primarily text, but with photographs in greyscale, in a paper "perfect bound" edition. This is a cost-effective way to publish a book in any quantity at a reasonable price.

Some want something more elegant, perhaps a hard bound / leather bound edition; sometimes with full color reproduction of photographs and other images included in the volumes. Some have old photographs that need some restoration before publication. Whatever your vision is for your memoir, we can help you achieve it.

Church Geneology    Keating Autobiography    Paslovian Tales

Art, Photography, Poetry & Prose

If you've tried to get a publisher to pick up your book of poetry, prose or collected artworks, you've likely found it hard to get anyone to pay attention. The fact is that niche market books are not attractive to today's publishing houses. Mind you, that has nothing to do with the merit of the book; only the extent to which a publisher believes that consumers will spend money on it based on marketing or, as is all-too-often the case in publishing, no active marketing at all.

You, on the other hand, know exactly where the market is for your book, and you have the ability (we often use the term "platform") to communicate with the people interested in your work. So what is stopping you from putting your work in front of your audience?

When you want to distribute your work to a niche audience, in either a for-profit or not-for-profit mode, we can help you get your book to your target market.

Hornet Plus ThreeWomen in Shadow & Light

Here are just a couple of examples of our work in photography and art. The Hornet Plus Three project involved digital restoration of dozens photographs from the 1950's and 1960's. Some, like the cover image, were taken by service people with their personal Instamatic cameras. Women in Shadow and Light was an outgrowth of a domestic violence project, an exploration of identity and self in fine black and white photography. Produced in duotone, a two-color printing technique that enhances black & white photographs.

Commercial Projects

One recent client presented us with a big memoir manuscript. We realized that what he really had was two books: a memoir for his family and friends, and a business management book that, properly packaged, would be a good complement to his post-retirement speaking career. The first book done, we're now working with him to develop his business book and speaking career.

Commercial projects involve more than just putting a book "out there." Marketing is the number one issue for all books offered to the general public: a full market analysis is essential in the early stages of producing a general market book, to make sure the book actually addresses market needs and is presented in the manner most likely to garner attention and sales.

In today's world, commercial projects often involve multiple parties and disciplines: writing, editing, illustrating, graphic design, the printer and the ever-present investor/financier. Coordinating the efforts of the various participants, especially maintaining communication and managing expectations, is more critical than ever to the success of book projects. Managing book projects of any scale is what we do best.

Whether your commercial book project is the beginning of a new line of publications, or ancillary to other business or professional activities, we can help you develop, distribute and promote your product.

Pages from Yachting Customs and Courtesies, Fourth Edition, under development for publication in 2017.

Why Beagle Bay?

We've been producing commercial and non-commercial books for 20 years. We provide a full range of advisory, technical, design, production and administrative services to meet the publishing needs of individuals and small presses. Our extensive expertise in physical and electronic publications ensure that we can get your project done on-time, on-budget and to your complete satisfaction.

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